Reclaim the way you walk away.

The Guide To  Exiting in Style

The Guide to Exiting in Style 

Leave that job that’s been dragging you down with class and confidence. We’ll help you make sense of all of your options, understand your rights, and inspire you to exit into something even better! 

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"I'm determined to jump ship before they fire me."

You’ve been put on the dreaded Performance Improvement Plan but your boss has no interest in helping you “improve,” he’s much more interested in micro-managing you while he watches re-runs of Friends on the DL.



You’ve been sneaking into work later and later, hoping no one notices you’re doing the bare minimum, wishing they’d just lay you off already - this work doesn’t light you up, but it’s crazy to walk away from a gig when people who get laid off get severance. 

You've been putting off trying to make any changes when your boss says you’re a terrible employee - why would you try to change when this job is so miserable?

Let this company get away with how they treat you.
Leave without getting the same severance Lou from accounting got when they fired her.
Allow your boss to control the story about how you left the company.
Walk away without trying to get the company to change its discriminatory practices.

You’ve been craving a new start. You want to reinvent yourself & your work. You want clarity around what you’re entitled to by law, what you can ask for from your lame employer, and how to leave without burning all the bridges. You’re over this dead-end job and you want to find a way to leave while maintaining your sanity and composure.

Whether you're being pushed out, hate everything about your day-to-day, or don’t know how to bring a problem to HR, you're looking for a better way to make an exit and improve your work life.

Heddy’s Work Fail is Pioneering an All-New Way to Exit a Gig that Isn’t Working So You Can Find Something that Does.

50 years ago people stayed at one company for 40 years and then retired with a gold watch and a pension. No more.

Today the average person will have 12 jobs in their lifetime and stay an average of just over 4 years. Younger workers stay even less time than that - workers ages 25-34 stay a median of 2.8 years.

Very few roles offer pension (we’re excited if they offer a retirement plan we can contribute to).

No one talks about how you keep your sanity as you leave one gig and transition into the next one.

While we work we also make plans. Plans about how to get our boss' attention, how to get a raise, and sometimes, how to leave.

But no one has taught you how to do this. You want to remain on good terms with your team, but also protect yourself (and maybe get some more severance on the way out the door?)

Heddy’s Work Fail Guide to Making an Exit in Style walks you through every step of exiting a gig that is no longer working for you.

  • You were forced out by a manager who never wanted to work with you in the first place.
  • You were a victim of the company’s third round of layoffs (never mind that they gave the executives a salary increase this quarter)
  • You find the work tedious and know there has to be a better way to spend your time.
  • You want to start your own business.
  • Your work bestie made the leap to another company and you’re thinking about following her.

Work isn't what it used to be.

This isn't your parents job market.

However you found yourself here - you’re on your way out.

Everyone has their own reason for leaving.
Some of them include:

Introducing Heddy's Work Fail Guide to Making an Exit in Style.

Introducing Heddy's Work Fail Guide to Exiting in Style.

The Guide Has 3 Goals. It will...




The Secret?
Exiting in Style.

The Basics

The Guide explores the basics about key employment law terms - so you can understand where you stand. You’ll be able to use this knowledge to determine if it’s worth pushing back on your employer.


We translate that knowledge to practical, useable advice so you feel ready to have hard conversations and advocate for yourself.

As you speak up for yourself, you’ll gain more confidence and control over your narrative - which is key to bouncing back in style.

Heddy’s Work Fail Guide to Making an Exit in Style is our proprietary framework for taking back the way you leave.
We know exiting a job isn't always your choice, but you CAN choose how you leave.

Heddy’s Work Fail Guide to Making an Exit in Style is designed to empower you. You’ll feel ready to stand up for yourself throughout this experience and the next hard work event (because more likely than not, it’s coming!)
You’ll be armed with scripts, checklists and the tools you need to advocate for yourself at work.

with confidence

Are you thinking of slinking off into the sunset? 

 Have you stayed in the shadows at working hoping they’d just lay you off (because then you’d at least get severance)?

Were you told you’re going on the dreaded Performance Improvement Plan but don’t understand what the hell they want you to do differently?

The Guide will show you a better way. Because you are a GREAT employee - you just haven’t found the right company (yet). And knowing how to share that with your employer on the way out the door? That’s what we’re here to help with.

The Guide to making an Exit in Style encourages you to reclaim your power on the way out - you’ll never be afraid of walking away from a bad job again.

Let's break it down

The Guide to Exiting in Style


module One

Knowing Where You Stand

There are all kinds of ways to “work” for a company. Knowing what role you play is critical to positioning yourself to exit with Style. There are dozens of different ways the law classifies workers. We’ll help you clarify what kind of worker YOU are so you understand what you’re walking away from (or how to ask to become a different kind of worker).

Heddy’s Work Fail Guide to Making an Exit in Style will walk you through four main modules that cover all of the questions our clients have asked as they think about leaving their jobs.
You can read through the Guide in order or skip to the sections you feel are most relevant to you right now.
If you aren’t sure that you want to leave, fear not!
The Guide will help you get clear on where you stand at work, so you’ll feel more prepared to make that decision.


module Two

All About Discrimination

“Discrimination” is a term that gets thrown around a lot in toxic workplaces, but what does it really mean? We explore the most common types of discrimination found in the workplace and provide real-world examples of what they look like so you can determine if you might have a case.


module Three

What to Do Before You Quit

Walking away is rarely a spur of the moment decision. You think about it and wonder what you need to do to be protected. The Guide will spell out all of the things you might want to try out before you quit. You’ll be ready to check things off our “List of Ducks to Get in a Row Before I Quit” list at the end of this section.
Don’t know what to say when it’s time to have that hard conversation? We’ve got you - we have sample emails to send to get the ball rolling and scripts that clients have used in the past to kick-off the discussion.


module Four

Taking it to Court

If you think you may want to take your employer to task Law and Order style, we’ll talk you through the basics of the various ways you might do that and talk you through ways to fund that endeavor. While we don’t recommend any specific lawyers in the Guide - we will talk you through how to find a good one, and what questions to ask them before you hire someone.

The Guide also covers how to manage feelings (both yours and others in your life) throughout the process. 
All of this turmoil can lead to major upheaval in your life. This last section offers some emotional support and talks you through how to thrive in the chaos.

What you get

Heddy’s Work Fail Guide to Making an Exit in Style is a gorgeously designed PDF that spells out everything you need to know to leave the job that isn’t working for you. 

All materials are provided in a PDF: you can download, access and print out immediately, making it convenient for you wherever you are in the world.

This is Beta Round 1 for this proprietary information and we’re still plotting how to make the material as digestible as possible. 

It's the perfect time to purchase because the early adopter price is 50% off during beta.🎉

Buy now and you'll get all the updates to the Guide (including any online video recordings developed later)!

We’d love your feedback as we grow!

Get the guide now and by this time next month you could be:

Taking some much deserved *paid* time off to contemplate your next great career move.

Starting the new, *better* job - where the boss totally appreciates all you do for the company

 Bragging at brunch about how you survived that *tough* conversation where you tell your boss the work environment is not working for you.

Toasting that you asked for more severance *and got it!*

Heddy's Work Fail Guide to Making an Exit in Style can get you there!

feel inspired today!

Hey there!

I'm Megan, self-proclaimed work fail.

I'm the Founder and CEO of Heddy Consulting. I'm also a licensed New York State Attorney.

Prior to starting Heddy I worked at more jobs than I can remember - from babysitting to delivery services and later public school teacher, courtroom attorney and non-profit executive. In between (and while doing) all of these jobs I graduated cum laude from law school and co-founded a non-profit that's still doing great work today.

This varied experience taught me how much I love partnering with visionaries who are looking for help figuring out the details - whether by improving where they work or launching something of their own. I call myself a change agent (in addition to a Work Fail) because I thrive on thinking about how we can improve on the systems currently in place -in your office, or in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t want to make a scene when I leave?.... I like my boss!

This Guide is not about “sticking it to the man” (unless you want to) It’s designed to help you think through all of your options as you’re leaving and have knowledgeable conversations about possible ways you can exit your current job in a way that works for YOU. Our scripts are not written for people who want to burn bridges - but we fully support you if you want to adjust the language to do just that!

Should I Buy the Guide if I want to stay at my job?

Yes! The Guide is designed to teach you about your rights as an employee. Once you understand where you stand (and how to talk about it with your boss) you’ll be better equipped to convince your boss that they want to keep you.
 right here.

Is the Guide for me if I was already laid off?

Maybe. If you’ve already signed a Separation Agreement with your former employer a lot of details discussed in this Guide will have already been finalized - and it’s very hard to change things. The Guide could still help you with the heavy feelings that come with leaving a job or it could be useful information for your next gig - but a lot of the info may not apply to you at this moment. right here.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

You’re entitled to a two week (14) day refund from the date of purchase. If you buy The Guide and decide it’s not for you, just email us at and let us know it didn’t work and we’ll refund you the full amount of the purchase.

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