Welcome to Work Fail

where we reclaim how you leave your job.

 Struggling at work is the worst - we know, we've been there. 

You feel confused, helpless, angry. You don't understand why your boss doesn't like you or you didn't see that layoff coming. Ugh.

You're struggling with some big decisions.

Should you stick it out and try to improve your workplace? Or pull a Jerry Maguire and quit in a very dramatic fashion? 

Heddy’s Work Fail is here cheer you on, help you make sense of your options, and walk you through how to make changes at work or make an empowered exit.

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We've talked with many people who are struggling at work. You feel like your manager is purposely pushing you out, your company doesn't want to change and everything about the situation feels a bit... off.
In two 45 minute sessions we'll talk through where you stand and create a solid plan for how you can approach next steps at work - whether you want to quit or make changes internally.
Then we'll have a follow-up session after you've tried out some tactics and make a plan for moving forward.
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Hey there!

I'm Megan, self-proclaimed work fail.

I'm the Founder and CEO of Heddy Consulting. I'm also a licensed New York State Attorney.

Prior to starting Heddy I worked at more jobs than I can remember - from babysitting to delivery services and later public school teacher, courtroom attorney and non-profit executive. In between (and while doing) all of these jobs I graduated cum laude from law school and co-founded a non-profit that's still doing great work today.

This varied experience taught me how much I love partnering with visionaries who are looking for help figuring out the details - whether by improving where they work or launching something of their own. I call myself a change agent (in addition to a Work Fail) because I thrive on thinking about how we can improve on the systems currently in place -in your office, or in the world.